Blockchain-based payment
Compared to the potential growth possibility of blockchain business, 
Business reached the limit due to the lack of service for everyday life

According to the prediction on blockchain business by Gartner, it is predicted that blockchain business market will be limited to small quantities of successful models even with rapid growth in 2020.

Even at this moment, new blockchain platforms are published, but there is no actual examples of blockchain technology and related products being used closely with everyday life such as payment method for real economy or standards for value evaluation.

WePeed sees this phenomenon as arising from problems of 'speed/expandability/compatibility,' and attempts to overcome such limits and make a business model that can be utilized in everyday life.

Realizing value exchange through biomedical & technology businesses

△ Realization of MKT of high added values in the fields closely related with everyday life based on 4th industry

△ Create sustainable profit through providing distinct service for the owners of WePeed Coins and various benefits

△ Establish base values in the market by setting the standards of usage of WePeed coin per each business > Administer stability of the asset value of WePeed Coin to the owners > Induce creation of added values with cryptocurrency as asset

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WePeed Introduce Movie

Blockchain-based payment through the Bio-Medical & Technology

Business Model
Win-win development model through value sharing with buyers/users

△ Realize maximum speed for rapid transaction

△ Construct perfect security for precise process

△ Aim for user convenience for easy utilization in everyday life

Biz Plan
Bio-Medical Biz Plan

1. On-site cancer diagnosis kit distribution business

-Business to establish 1st step for specialized medical service through medical service package from diagnosis and curing of cancer
-Developed cancer diagnosis kit that can diagnosis cancer with the shortest time in the world(average: 14 minutes) by combining world-class ingredients for antobody and cancer diagnosis kit
-Secured distribution rights in monopoly with Dr.Lee, the major holder of diagnosis kit developer

2. B-Clinic Medical service business

-Synergy is expected between Japanese medical technology of our company and B-Clinic's specialized anti-aging treatment
-Provides on-site cancer diagnosis service, and anti-aging beauty service and cocktail nutrition method using the customers' stem cells
-Agreed with Dr. Lee, the director, to mutually swap medical equipment and service.
-Expand the medical service through procuring hospitals and clinics with Dr.Lee network with B-Clinic as the headquarter

Biz Plan
IT-Game Biz Plan

1.Odyssey VR Franchise

- VR PC Café, VR theme parks, VR cinema franchise business using the rights to use Odyssey, Samsung's gaming PC brand
- Profit through distribution of the best desktop and VR HMD devices to affiliates
-Establishment of distribution channel for Weple Store, a platform that can exchange games, VR contents, and game items
- Development of various IT Platforms and VR-AR game contents
- Concluded MOU with BTS of Vietnam on joint venture of the general business on January 10, 2019 for M&A

2. Shopping Mall(Direct shopping/luxury brand)

- WePeedbuy :
- Strives for the expansion of the ecosystem of WePeed Coin users, and satisfaction of WePeed Coin users as top priority
- For this, we entered direct shopping mall that is rapidly expanding. We allowed the coin owners to use the service with fast delivery and competitive price
- Planning to launch online shopping mall for European luxury brand with competitive price from July 2019.

System Architecture
Technical values of WePeed

Technical values of WePeed

- Blockchain specialized in processing trade with 30,000~50,000 TPS.
- WePeed Chain's 1 Confirm method does not rely on hashrate, and completely overcomes double payment with the new reward for use for Proof of Time.

WePeed Platform Architecture

- WePeed does not need regular period of block creation because it confirms trasanction at the time of block creation, and it confirms transaction at the time of block creation.
-WePeed strengthens security by using separate hash algorithm for blockchain

Executive Management Team

Vice President of Korea e-Sports Industry Association

Jenny NA
Planning Team

Director of Planning at TECH&HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
Corporate)Director of World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises
Former adjunct professor at Kyonggi University

New biz Development Team

Head of New Business Development Headquarter at TECH&HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
(HKG) President of SMARTAC Group in Korea Business Manager of L&DSYSTEM Co., Ltd in China

Financial Team

CFO of TECH&HOLDINGS Former Manager of LG CNS's Planning Team Former President of T-Money Mongol

Core Development Team

CEO of YHWORLD Co., Ltd. Director of Development at LION GAMES Co., Ltd. / Employee of Samsung SDS Co., Ltd

Core Development Team

Business Manager of YHWorld Co., Ltd. Publishing Business Team Leader at MGAMES Co., Ltd Head Manager of SOFTMAX Co., Ltd

Mickey Choi

Storichain CBO(Chief Business Organizer)
Azbit Limited/Ponder/Ubex AI/OSA DC advisor


Adjunct Professor at Graduate School of Korea University President of DConference Former Executive Director of SAMIL PWC Former Fund Team Leader of Korea Post


Professor of Computer Science at Kookje University Senior Research at Samsung Electronics Research Institute Ph.D from Dankook University


President of International Culture Athletic Promotion Association President of 625 Family Scholarship Foundation President of 태형종합건설

WePeed Partnership

WePeed is the official partner of YHWorld、Korea CEO Summit、World Blockchain Summit MARVERS、Korea e-Sports Industry Association(KeIA)、Scienus, Bianca Plastic Surgery Clinic、Omotesando Hakusan Clinic of Japan、Medic Tan Heung of Vietnam、BTS of Vietnam、Tech&Holdings Japan, P53Bio Co.,Ltd.

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